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This is a collection of pictures of a part of the Sylphs I have seen since I have been aware of them (about 2 years).

I have been aware of them since two years, but I was never really able to see what they look like, I just knew they were filament like clouds, but since one year approximately, I am able to recognize their faces or the content of their representations and I was totally amazed at the diversity there is, every conceivable and inconceivable type of living form are represented by them (apart from insects it seems), I've seen (I'm sure I'll miss out some of them, but you'll discover them throughout the pages anyway): squirrels, deers, unicorns, dolphins, dragons, serpents, birds, lions, elephants, fairies, seahorses and many other forms I cannot even relate to something that exists on earth!

How this all started, is that about one year ago I had many sightings and photos of them, but I was never able to recognize what they represented, so I asked them if they would allow me to see what they look like, and guess what, my wish was fullfilled. One night I was watching a picture of a Sylph and I saw a smiling face in it, so I started drawing over the clouds with a photo editing program and the result was great. So I tried with other pictures and the same happened, but for the new pictures, as I couldn't recognize anything, I just seemingly drew random lines over the edges of the clouds (sylphs) or where I thought would be appropriate and often I ended with something that could be recognized, but what is amazing is that when there is a melting of many sylphs together, I can draw one version, then another version and another and I will always see the same creatures, but from different angles, in different positions, it is really amazing, many of the Sylphs in the sky are kind of metaphores, they can be seen in hundreds of different ways. I guess that's why it was so hard for me to recognize any of them and there are still many I cannot recognize, I just see them after having drawn lines over the pictures, it seems my hand is guided by them when I draw (well, not always, sometimes I totally fail and I'm sure it is because I'm not in the right state of mind)!

I hope you'll enjoy the photos.

I always wanted to do this page, but never really put my energies into it, I wanted to first finish the entire website 'all4orgone', but as I saw that when searching for 'sylphs photos' on google, the first page in the results was one of my creation, I had to create this page as quickly as possible :)



But first, a picture of the Sylph(s) that sort of showed me the way I had to follow.

Do you see the face? Click here and you won't be able to miss it again :)


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If you want any of these pictures in original version (bigger), feel free to ask, I just don't put them here, because it would make the loading very slow and it would also kill the monthly allowed bandwidth for this website.

If you have Sylphs photos, please send them to me I'll add them to the collection with pleasure :)

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