Sylphs photos collection (page 13)


Ah the Sylph that started me on all of this! I love this picture :) (Cardiff, UK, Wales)


These Sylphs appeared after I gifted a church placed in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of the Breacon Beacons (Wales, UK). I see a bird, looking in both direction, with his head right in the middle of the picture. Notice on the overdrawing how it's face can be seen in two directions!


This Sylph also appeared somewhere near the place as the one above. (Wales, UK). Looks like a deer or a hosre to me.


This photo is from somewhere around the Breacon Beacons as well(Wales, UK). Seems like a face of a dog/deer like animal with one corn, I also think I see a bird in it...


Wales, UK again, the overdrawing doesn't make it more obvious to see all the creatures present here!


Wales, UK. But I cannot really understand what they are.

Photo from Cardiff, Wales, UK

Sylphs clearing chemtrails at home in France.

Home, France, Lorraine



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