Sylphs photos collection (page 14)


Picture by Rose (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Picture by Rose (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Pictures by Alejandro (Paso Jama, Chile/Argentina border, Andes)

Picture by Alejandro (Bora Bora, Tahiti)

Picture by Alejandro, Sylphs clearing a Whiteout (Santiago, Chile)

Alejandro comment: The first pic is of the HAARP white out just created, it was not clouds that drifted from somewhere but just formed on top of us, the other pic is a little while later when the sylphs first started to erase the white out.

And the two last show the progress

Picture by Alejandro, Sylphs in action (Zapallar, Chile)

Picture by Alejandro (Argentina) After the opening of a Strong Vortex

Picture found on Google Maps while looking for Arabella Street, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Sylphs Clearing a HAARP or chemtrail induced Whiteout (Breacon Beacons, Wales, UK)

I was going around the country side with my mother, the first pictures where done at the bottom of the hill and as we went further I was able to take pictures of the whole panorama and by the end we were at the top of the hill and the sky was again full of healthy puffy clouds

8h58 (The whiteout behind artificially induced unsing many chemtrail planes which were flying by every 5 minutes or so, the lady keeping the Youth Hostel we were staying at told us there was an Air Force base 30 miles away...)

10h58 (shows chemtrails shadows behind the whiteout, sylphs had already started their work on the bottom-right side)








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