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I don't really know what's in the bulk of it, but can you spot the bird on the left-top side opening his wings majestuously, and also heads on the left. (photo: france home)


This photo was taken in germany, bavaria, bad Wörishofen. They were taking care of some chemtrails. They seemed happy, whatever they are, that's an example of creatures i can't relate to earth creatures?


I don't remeber where I've seen this sylph(s), and i don't know what they are... If you see, tell me please :)

Seems like foxes or dog like creatures and bird like ones. (photo: france home)


I see faces (top-left and middle), but I cannot recognize them! (france home)


photo from home in france, they seem to be aquatical creatures and dog like ones?


Photo from home, france. Again dog/fox like faces and others


Photo from France, home

Sylphs over the Alps, La Plagne, France

On the right top side, I see dog like faces, but for the middle one, I am still unsure about what I see. Sylphs are holographic it seems, like our universe, so wherever I start drawing I see something but it is always slightly different, let me know if you recognize the one in the middle, I am still unsure about what it looks like. Therefore there are many overdrawings, because my mind somehow blocks when drawing this one, I see too many patterns in the middle, I cannot draw it properly...

Overdrawing 1 Overdrawing 2 Overdrawing 3 Overdrawing 4 Overdrawing 5


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