Sylphs photos collection (page 24)


This page will display many pictures of Sylphs I saw on the 19th of November 2008 in Cardiff, Wales, UK

I woke up around 11h and when I went out what a nice surprise was awaiting!


So I went to a place where I had more panorama over the city





I had to go to lectures at University so the next photos are 1h later




Later that day





This one looks like a big Dragon/cow head (13h37 - 13h40)



I tried a panorama, however they were right overhead and all huge in scale! so it's really bent...


Then I went home to eat And came out 1 hour later to see if the spectacle was continuing, So it was!

Photos from about : 14h45 to 15h05

There isn't much to describe, it's more to enjoy :)


North to South panorama above my head... They were everywhere














Then I went in again and came out 1h later again. The 'Sylph battle' on the previous page (23) was taken at the same time.



A very nice looking Sylph straight overhead



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