Sylphs photos collection (page 25)


This page will display mainly one Sylph I saw on the 28th of November 2008 in Cardiff, Wales, UK


It is coming at 16h11



16h24: Over my house, I was just going home to start a pizza quickly and then go out take pictures, the whole seen you will see happened from 16h24 to 16h34

I hope you can see the face? Else here's a very nice Overdrawing


As you might notice, the SYlph is heading toward that rest of chemtrail and it will 'Swallow' it!







Can you see? The sylph is literally swallowing that remanent of Chemtrail!



16h28: No more Chemtrail remanent


This is the far end of the Sylph



16h32-34: Then the Sylph somewhat slightly shape Shifted

Overdrawing1 Overdrawing2



The Sky that day around the Sylph I was photographing


And other Sylphs





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