Sylphs photos collection (page 29)


Sylphs eating chemtrails Photos by Jon, Crooker River Ranch OR. 15-16th January 2009

It seems the sylph is heading toward that chemtrail! Overdrawing


After making a big HHG orgonite. Photos by Erika, in Belgium. 3rd February 2009 (I'm not sure of the date for the 2nd photo, also the 'black' object in the top-middle of the second Photo is a Seagull... I had kind of troubles to recognize it!)

After burying a TB where the red arrow indicates. A Sylph making a beautiful appearance in the middle of HAARP induced clouds. Photos by Erika, in Belgium. 20 something of February 2009

A sylph that seemed to be in a Haarp field? Photo in Fance, Lorraine, Home (1 March 2008)

Photo in Fance, Lorraine, Home (8 August 2008)

Photos Cardiff, UK, Wales (28 January 2009)

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